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Interview by Carl Frederick

Manheim Central quarterback Zac Hahn has the unique situation of not only being the qb for one of the top teams in the League and District, but he is also the Head Coach Dave Hahn’s son. Not only has he taken on the expectations he has succeeded them through four games, piling up 10 passing touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. Thanks to the Junior signal caller and a bruising defense, the Barons are off to a red hot 4-0 start. Up next is long time rival Warwick (2-2) who has had Manheim Central’s number recently defeating them in their last four matchups. Hahn stopped by to discuss their rivalry, plus what the adjustment has been like for him and his family.

Carl Frederick: What has been the biggest adjustment been as a first-year starter for you?

Zac Hahn: I would say having to stay calm in the good moments and keep my head up in bad moments. Our quarterback coach always tells us don’t let the highs get too high and lows get to low.

CF: Your offense seems very well balanced, are there any under the radars players that we should know about?

ZH: I can’t just say one, so I’ll say our line is where our whole offense starts. Then Kye Watson and Sonny Callahan both play corner on defense and can make great contributions to our offense.

CF: Tell us what it is like to play under your father who has built quite the good reputation himself since taking over for Coach Williams?

ZH: It’s fun it’s like a little advantage because we can be at home and go over plays or what other teams do. Not many guys get that opportunity.

CF: We love your rivalry with Warwick, what is it about the Warriors that may bother you and your teammates the most?

ZH: I think the part that bothers us the most is that they’ve beat us 4 times in the past three years, and we want to get back to starting another long streak of wins against them.

CF: Give us a fun fact about Zac Hahn?

ZH: A fun fact about me is that I’ve been on the sideline for high school football games since I was five. So, this will be my 13th year involved with the team in some way.

Zac Hahn knows all about the responsibilities that come with being the starting quarterback for a traditional power. He will need to be mistake free against a Warwick squad that seems to be humming once again as Section play begins. Tune in for updates on this classic rivalry game, I will be covering this tilt Friday night in Manheim @carljfred. 

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