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Another JP McCaskey Head Coach Steps Down??

J.P. McCaskey is looking for a football coach after Sam London stepped down as head coach. London was entering his 3rd year as head coach. He had an 0-19 record in two years, but felt like the program was turning around this year. London accepted a position at Waynesburg University as an Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator.

McCaskey is now looking for an interim head coach and a coaching search after the season. Whoever is named the interim head coach will be the third head coach to lead the McCaskey program over the last five years. Eric Spencer was the coach prior to London and he coached for three years.

Consistency is hurting the program as they are currently on a twenty six game losing streak over the last three years. Lack of continuity has hurt the program as programs around the area have coaches like Mark Evans at Township entering his tenth year leading the program. Another example is Wilson Head Coach Doug Dahms who is entering his fifteenth year leading the program. McCaskey just can't get a coach to stay for long periods of time.

London seemed to give the community a lot of hope as a coach coming from college to help the kids in the community, Coach London really energized the community. According to sources he was unhappy about the support that was shown to the athletic department with football being included by upper administration outside of the athletic department. With the continued lack of support he may have felt administration was making it impossible to build a successful program and felt like it was time to move on.

The issue is football starts on Monday with Heat Acclimation and now they are starting with a new Head Coach, a situation that is rare for High School Football. With a supportive administration this time of year there should be excitement and support for their student athletes, parents and coaches. Unfortunately this season the J.P. McCaskey Football players will be playing against another opponent within their own school district.

McCaskey was once a proud program, but hasn’t had a winning season since 2010 and last made the playoffs in 2012. McCaskey’s last sustained period of success was an eleven year run by Scott Feldman that ended in 2009. That included winning a playoff game and sending multiple players to play College Football. McCaskey is still searching for their next Feldman all these years later. 

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