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J.P. McCaskey Track & Field Team Finishes on a High Note

The 2021 J.P. McCaskey track team had one of the most successful years they have had in recent years. This is coming on the heels of last year's team season being canceled because of Covid. “Gut wrenching to lose last year. It was devastating. You never get those memories back” Coach Derek Jennings described the loss of last season.

With the backdrop of last season Jennings team was able to achieve lots of successes on the track field. The boys won the Lancaster-Lebanon League Section One title. Then at the Lancaster-Lebanon League meet the boys and girls teams both won the title for the 1st time since 1992. On top of the team success many of the J.P runners did very well at the District and State levels.

The foundation of the J.P. McCaskey track team is their offseason program. Jennings said that he has made a huge emphasis on the Winter Indoor Track Season. “We try to give ourselves a foundation to be successful with the Indoor Track Season,” Jennings said.

Another important foundation piece for McCaskey track team is the Middle School track programs. All the Middle School teams have track teams that compete against each other and it creates a competition at that level. Jennings said he had to replace 9 coaches over the last year at the Middle School levels, but said “Good group of coaches Middle School coaches trying to develop”.

The other area that Jennings tries to help grow his track team is by recruiting in the High School. He said one area former head coach Carl Frederick said to concentrate success in was the girls basketball team. “A target of ours was to recruit girls basketball players,” Jennings said.

Finishing up his 5th year as Head Coach Jennings has established a winning culture at McCaskey and a foundation that should last for a long time. He is looking forward to the challenge of trying to continue to compete and continue to have successful seasons.

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