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Interview by Collin Richardson

Hempfield All Conference Running Back Grant Hoover announced he would be playing football next fall for West Chester. Hoover was a key part in the Black Knights historic season had interest from several PSAC Schools, he talked about his decision below:

Grant Hoover: I am very excited to start my next chapter in football and academics at West Chester University. I have been accepted by the university into the Pre-Business Management program. I was actually accepted prior to the football offer so West Chester was always in the running. My grandfather, who has passed, grew up there, and both of my parents graduated from there where my father actually ran track while he was there. My mom graduated and taught elementary school in the West Chester school district for about 6 years before they moved to Lancaster. Before I answer the questions below, I want to publicly thank the people who helped me get to this point in my football and academic career, and those who believed in me in the football recruiting process.

Collin Richardson: How much effort did you put into the recruiting process?

GH:I started the recruiting process at the end of my sophomore year with researching colleges and universities that I may be interested in. It was a rough start because I wasn't played at running back much my junior year, so I started to lose hope. I also spent time over the summer working with Darryl Daniel, my trainer, and he started to put my name out there, and I also started to get emails from colleges. I went to a bunch of camps and even attended one in South Carolina while I was on vacation. I trained, worked out, and went to as much as a I could at all levels. I put in a ton of time in off season and in season visits. I was invited to game day visits for a few schools and during the season was locked in on my team while applying to colleges and talking to coaches. This has been a long process and I had to keep pushing forward.

CR: Were you set on West Chester from the start?

GH: I always kept my options open. I had done a campus visit last year and really liked it, but just wasn't sure where I would ultimately land. I am set now and locked in.

CR: How big was the step up for you to become the starting running back for Hempfield?

GH: It was big. I couldn't wait to help my team and do my thing.

CR: You’ve been playing with Stephen Katch and Julian Morales and others since A-team. What would you say about how tight this team was this past year?

GH: I have played with Stephen Katch since I was on D Team. We were 8 years old. He had always been my quarterback and I was his wing man. He is one of my best friends and brothers. I have also played with Julian since we were on C Team. He, too, is one of my best friends, and we have been through a lot together as well.

CR: Did it make the games and practice more relaxing?

GH: Off the field, we relax. On the field, it is all work so there is not a lot of time to relax, but I will say, knowing that the seniors on the team has been together for so long, we know each other so well, we are able to support each other on multiple levels. But in terms of relaxing, practice and games were hard work.

CR: Tell us a fun fact that most would not know.

GH: Fun fact about me...I also wrestled since first grade, and qualified for youth States 3 times and junior high once.

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