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Footman of Columbia Picks Millersville

 Columbia High School Quarterback Robert Footman signed his letter of intent to play football at Millersville University on Wednesday. Footman said this about his choice “The love the coaches showed me was real and that was amazing to feel. Them showing up to my games and recruiting me from the beginning of the season just showed that I was wanted there”. Footman threw for over 3,000 yards and passed for 34 touchdowns last year. Footman led Columbia to their 1st section title in 20 years.

Footman is planning on majoring in sports medicine, with an emphasis on Biology. He also said that he will show up and try to compete every day for the position. Footman said “I have to work for that starting position. I don’t expect to be given anything”. Footman will be going to Millersville after they had a 2-9 football campaign, but he will have experience of adversity from Columbia where they struggled his 1st 3 years until they finally broke through this season.

Even though Millersville is a local college for Footman, that never played a role in the decision. He wanted to go somewhere he felt comfortable with the staff and the program as a whole. Footman said “Location was not a factor at all in the process. I wanted to go somewhere that I felt wanted, and to be successful”. Millersville is getting a super talented player in Robert Footman who has a chance to try to be a part of a turn-around at Millersville just like he was while at Columbia. I would not put it past him. 

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