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By Patrick Weider

Tri-County All Star Game Canceled After Halftime

This year marked the 20th Tri-County All-Star played at Elden Rettew Stadium in Manheim. This year was a different format because the Berks merger with Lancaster-Lebanon League split the teams into two squads. The two squads are Lancaster on one side and Berks/Lebanon on the other team. The game was canceled after halftime because of a medical incident with a fan who was sitting in the stands. Lancaster had taken a 14-0 lead over Berks/Lebanon going into Halftime. 

Lancaster scored their 1st touchdown with 9:14 left in the 2nd QT when Jaevon Parker caught a touchdown from Jack Reed. It was a great route and a throw from Reed to Parker. The 2 connected on several pass plays in the 1st Half. 

Lancaster then scored their 2nd touchdown when Shymere Covington rushed from 3 yards out. Lancaster took control of the game with this series. Mixing running and passing plays they drove down the field to score on the touchdown drive. 

Over the course of the 1st half Lancaster dominated much of the game against Berks/Lebanon.


The incident that caused the canelation occurred at halftime and appeared to be a medical emergency involving a relative of one of the players. Coaches, players, and everyone involved with the event agreed that the game should be canceled. It felt like the right response since so many people were clearly shaken by the incident. 

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