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Interview by Stephin McCloskey

Coach Bud Kyle led Columbia to their first section title in over 20 years last season, giving the team tons of excitement on a fun year. Just a couple months later he relocated to be closer to his family and accepted the Head Coaching position with Eastern York. Much like Columbia was before he arrived, the Golden Knights have been struggling as of late and need someone like Coach Kyle to get the community involved again. Ironically enough his first game as Head Coach will be against his old team in the Crimson Tide in what we are calling the “Bud Kyle Bowl”. Coach Kyle stopped by with Stephin McCloskey to discuss that along with the upcoming challenges he is facing:

Stephin McCloskey: How do you feel about the upcoming game against Columbia being called "The Bud Bowl"?

Coach Kyle: Honestly it does not bother me but it's the young men and woman who play the game Friday night. It's about them not me or anyone else.

SM: Do you see any major differences between school programs? If so, what are they?

Coach Kyle: The changes I see is the commitment early on when I got hired vs when I first got hired at Columbia. The last few years at Columbia was great leadership and players was very committed.

SM: What are you most excited about taking up your new position with Eastern York?

Coach Kyle: Just the opportunity to not just turn around another program that has been losing a lot but also helping mold better young men and woman.

SM: What are your predictions for the season opener as well as the season?

Coach Kyle: I think it should be a very competitive game with a lot of emotions and energy. I believe it's going come down to who can make the better adjustments. I am hoping to be able to be competitive in every game this season.

SM: Do you have any players that are prepped for a standout season?

Coach Kyle: I believe my qb (Austin Bilet) should have a solid season, we have a lot of skill players who can help the team each game.

Eastern York @ Columbia kicks off tonight follow me for updates on the Bud Kyle Bowl @StephinMcC.

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