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Interview by Carl Frederick

Noah Rohrer is a big time linebacker/running back for the Donegal Indians, who returns along with a number of key starters in hopes of another District Playoff run. Rohrer was one of the league leading tacklers last season and does it all for Donegal. He also totaled 9 touchdowns (8 rushing) and averaged over 6 yards per carry. Much like a number of players from small schools, the Senior to be is hoping this final season over in Mount Joy gets him the recognition he deserves. Regardless of what colleges come knocking his way, he is prepared to play at the next level. The First time All League candidate stopped by to discuss that along with the Berks County Merger and his team’s off-season.

Carl Frederick: Coming off last season's success, Donegal returns a number of starters, what has the off-season mindset been for the Indians?

Noah Rohrer: The offseason has been no different than any other year. We have a lot of spring sport athletes but the guys who don’t have been in the weight room. There are a lot of underclassmen who have been putting in work this offseason and will have an opportunity this fall to fight for a starting job especially on the line. We lost 4 out of 5 of our starting linemen but we have a lot of guys eager and ready to fill those spots.

CF: What was your favorite moment from your squad's District playoff run?

NR: I don’t think I have one specific moment from our playoff run that was my favorite. The entire week leading up to the game was surreal, the anticipation was stronger than ever. The game itself somehow lived up to the hype. There were numerous crazy, “how did that happen” type of plays. It was a back and forth battle and unfortunately we weren’t the team ahead when the time ran out. However, that taste of what playoff football is like is one of the largest motivators going into next season and is a memory that I will never forget.

CF: You were one of the league leaders in tackles last season but also a play-maker on the offensive side, do you have a preference on what position you play?

NR: I love both sides of the ball but I would have to say that I definitely gravitate towards the defensive side. I love the dynamic of diagnosing a play within the first few moments of the ball being snapped, anticipating where the ball carrier is going to be, and ultimately meeting him in the backfield. While it is called defense, I tend to have much more of an attacking mindset.

CF: What is your plan for after high school, are you looking to play football in College?

NR: My plan for after high school has not been finalized in any way as of right now. I have some options in which I play football and some in which I don’t. I love the game of football and would cherish the opportunity to play on a college team but I am going to explore all my options before I make up my mind.

CF: Give us your thoughts on the merger with Berks County?

NR: The merger with Berks County will provide us with a challenge each and every week but I am excited to experience new competition and see some different schemes. My team and I are definitely ready and looking forward to the challenge and promise to give every team on our schedule a fight.

Watching him play last season you know Rohrer is not going to back down from any challenge, including merger with some powerhouse programs in Section 4 (Lampeter Strasburg and Wyomissing to name a few). Will the adjustment be tough for his squad absolutely, but knowing this young man they will not back down. 

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