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New York Giants Assistant Defensive Backs Coach Mike Treier is an up and coming name in the NFL coaching circle. Just last year at age 30 he was named Defensive Quality Control coach and promoted to Assistant defensive backs coach for the 2021 season. Coach Treier is another Penn Manor alumni working his way up in the coaching circle, similar to his former teammate and close friend Cody Booth.

Mike Treier, like Booth, was an All League Selection back in 2008 for the Comets, he quickly jumped into coaching right after high school. He has had coaching stints at Temple, UT-Martin and Marshall before making the transition to the NFL in 2020. While him and the Giants are focused on finishing the season and rebuilding, Coach Treier managed to stop by for an interview:

Carl Frederick: Tell us more on your background both as a player and now as a Coach for the New York Giants?

Mike Treier: I played at Penn Manor for Todd Mealy and graduated in 2009. Then immediately got into coaching after that, I got started at Penn Manor where I spent 2 years on Coach Mealy’s staff before going to college football for the next 9 and the last 2 with the Giants. I think the experience of coaching at different levels, high school division 1 fcs, division 1 fbs and now NFL has really helped me develop as a communicator and pull from a variety of experiences. Even though my guys now don’t really believe at 31 years old this is my 13 year coaching football haha.

CF: What motivated you to get into coaching football, did you expect to be working in the NFL so quickly?

MT: I think I always knew I wanted to coach, I’ve always had a love for the game of football and the lessons it can teach and the number of people you can reach through it. I never really had a goal of where I wanted to go in the profession, when I got started I honestly just wanted to coach high school football locally and the way things worked out I met the right people and have been given some incredible opportunities.

CF: You were a major part of a big turnaround at Penn Manor under Coach Todd Mealy, what was that experience like?

MT: The experience I had at Penn Manor both as a player and a coach really laid the foundation for who I am as a coach now. I learned so much about the right way to interact with players and the right way to teach the game from Coach Mealy and really that whole staff.

CF: We spoke with Cody Booth last week, do you stay in touch with him or any of your teammates?

MT: Cody and I are best friends. We talk almost daily. Obviously it helps that we are in the same line of work but even if we were in different professions we still are close. We had a group of us that played together from about 5th/6th grade all the way through high school that are still pretty close.

CF: This is your second season with the Giants. What does your daily schedule entail? Do NFL coaches truly have an off-season?

MT: During the season we stay pretty busy just looking for any advantage we can find on that week's opponent. During the off-season it really depends on the time of year, you have the draft prep stuff, the off-season program (OTA’s and that sort), then you work into preseason and training camp.

Last I just wanted to say I still follow local high school sports, not only football, and I’m lucky to have come up through the LL league and the Lancaster Area. There is such a high level of competition, coaching and genuinely good people, I’m proud to call that home.

Regardless of what happens this off-season with the New York Giants, Coach Treier will be able to adjust. Working his way up to an NFL Coaching job at just age 30, nobody should have any doubt that he could not. He is another great example, just like his good friend Cody Booth, that if you are willing to put in work, great things will happen. 

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