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Interview by Carl Frederick

One of the league leading running backs in the LL Luke Williams from Elco committed to Bloomsburg this past week. For those of you who do not know, Williams is a multi-sport star for the Elco Raiders in both football and basketball. In football he was third in the league in rushing (1,340 yards, 12 touchdowns) and a bruising linebacker on defense. His basketball squad is having a historic season on pace to claim their first section title in over 20 years. He is the second leading scorer for the Raiders averaging over 12 points per game.

Williams is a bright humble young man who couldn't be more excited for his opportunity to play at the next level, he stopped by to discuss his commitment and his experience with ELCO below:

CF: To start everything off, why Bloomsburg, what made you decide to become a Huskie?

Luke Williams: I chose Bloomsburg because I felt in my heart this was where I was called to be. The coaching staff showed unbelievable love and expressed great belief in me as a person and player, and the current players were awesome throughout the process as well. I love the campus, and Bloom is overall a great place to be.

CF: We know you can excel at multiple positions on both sides of the football, what position do you intend to play there?

LW: I plan on playing Linebacker at Bloomsburg and couldn’t be more excited about it!

CF: Coming from a smaller school did you find the recruiting harder than usual? You put up insane numbers in the LL this year, I was curious how your whole recruiting process went?

LW: The recruiting process went well. I'm sure it would’ve helped if I went to a bigger school, but I’m grateful for all the coaches that recruited me. I had a couple fcs programs, and a few d3 programs interested in me but it was mainly PSAC schools that I heard from. I knew Bloomsburg was the best fit for me.

CF: What will you miss the most about your experience at ELCO?

LW: I am going to miss everything about football at ELCO, and all my friends, teachers, administrators, and the young kids as well. There is nothing like high school football and creating memories with your friends!

CF: You are a two sport start for the Raiders, have you given any thought to playing both football and basketball at Bloomsburg?

LW: I love basketball so much and have played my entire life, but probably not! All my focus will be on football which I am super excited about going forward.

Luke Williams is a great example of hard work, determination and heart, you put all three together and you have yourself an excellent football player. The Bloomsburg Huskies have been in a bit of a rebuild the past few years, nabbing underrated talents like Williams are sure to help them get back into contention. Look for Williams next fall to help guide the Huskies back to the promised land. 

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