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Interview by Carl Frederick

 Landon Kennel is one of the top receivers in the LL-Berks league and now with the graduation of several key playmakers has a bigger role in Coach Evans offense. The Junior got things started fast last week with his monster performance against Cumberland Valley. Notching 11 receptions and 2 touchdowns, Kennel had one of the best performances in the state last Friday night. His squad nearly pulled off the victory at CV last week, they need to regroup as they welcome Dallastown to Blue Streak Boulevard Friday evening. Landon stopped by to discuss the matchup and if he feels any added pressure this season below:

Carl Frederick: Do you feel any added pressure with the losses of Anthony Ivey and Isaiah Jones to name a few?

Landon Kennel: Those were some big names in our offense last year, but I feel that we have guys that are going to step it up this year and fill those roles well. I wouldn’t say I feel any extra pressure, I just know that I need to go out there and do what I do and take it play by play. I don’t think our offense will have any drop off from last year, I think it will be better if anything.

CF: What did the off-season entail for Landon Kennel?

LK: This off-season was a grinder for me, I really worked on getting stronger and faster. Usually during the school week I’d lift 2 times a day and get in some time with my trainer a few times a week to work on speed, agility, route running etc. I was trying to do everything I could to get better for my junior year because it’s an important year in the recruiting process. I’d also make sure I get in some time with my quarterback to get our timing down. I felt like I made a lot of improvement from last year to this year.

CF: You face a Dallastown team coming off a tough loss, tell us about your opponent for this Friday?

LK: I think that we can move the ball well on these guys. We’ve been going hard in the film room this year so we should be prepared for everything that we are going to see. They’ve got 2 wideouts with a lot of speed but we have a good gameplan to slow them down. If we get up on them early, we just need to keep our foot on the petal.

CF: What is your favorite play in your high-tempo offense?

LK: I don’t have one particular play that I like more than the rest. But our coaches do a great job with play calling and finding new ways to get our playmakers the ball in space. My teammates set me up for success every play. And when all 11 guys do their job on every play, we are unstoppable.

CF: I know you are a Junior, but have you started speaking with any schools about playing in college yet?

LK: Playing in college is something that I aspire for, this summer I went to several camps and met a lot of coaches. Doing anything I could to get collage coaches eyes on me. I’m hoping to have a breakout season this year to get on some school’s radars.

Kennel and company will have their hands full with a hunger Dallastown team looking to avenge their loss to Hempfield. I would expect a shootout (that’s all I cover apparently) in Manheim, with names like Kenny Johnson, Hayden Johnson, and Michael Scott, joining Mr. Kennel in the scoring barrage. 

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