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Interview by Stephen McCloskey

Ethan Benne is back and finally healthy which is a good thing for both the League and Penn Manor. Leading the Comets late season push Benne is among the league scoring leaders and represents a big piece in the future for Penn Manor basketball. He stopped by to speak with Stephin McCloskey about his season:

SM: Penn Manor has had up and downs this season tell us what that has been like?

EB: The ups and downs this season have been both frustrating at points and incredibly exciting. There were two good runs that went on, the bigger of which coming recently which included our win over McCaskey. There’s really nothing that compares to going on that type of streak with your guys. The excitement of it all from the team standpoint as well as the community is just something we were all very happy to experience.

SM: You’ve personally been having a great season. What goes into having a season like this for you?

EB: This season has been beyond fun, and I have to give all the credit to our program and my family. I went through some health issues in the regular season last year. When those same issues arose again in the off-season everyone was right there with me through the process of recovering and getting back to my form on the court as well. I think it’s the perfect example of how much love there is in the Penn Manor basketball program and how much bigger it is than basketball.

SM: What are your plans for college? I know you still have one year left in high school, but it’s never too early to start planning.

EB: As far as college goes as my junior season is coming to an end the conversations about the future grow more and more. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people who know the college game very well and the main focus for me is to just get stronger. The college game at any level is an entirely different level of physicality than the high school game and that’s something that I need to be prepared for if I want to continue playing. I’ve always dreamed of playing college basketball so the thought of that possibility coming true is very motivating and I’m looking forward to a great off-season this year for both the Comets and myself.

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