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Interview by Carl Frederick

Photo: Dhamir Wesley Twitter

We have gone through a lot of players for 2024, but one who may have slipped through the cracks is Penn Manor’s defensive end Dhamir Wesley. A two-year starter on both sides of the ball (he plays tight end on offense) Wesley has made first team all-section honors the last two seasons. While that is impressive considering he competes the LL Berks league which is one of the most competitive in the state, this rising Junior stands out even more at 6’4 and 250 lbs. The kid is a playmaker, leading the Comets in sacks last season he is also the prime go to weapon on offense. Wesley has solid speed and exceptional hands making him a nightmare matchup in the redzone. If you don’t believe me have a look at his HUDL tape:

Wesley is a humble young man who is new to the recruiting world, he stopped by for a quick interview below:

Carl Frederick: Tell us more about how your recruiting is starting to pick up some momentum.

Dhamir Wesley: My recruiting really came out of nowhere…I had a couple quick meetings with coaches that came to visit me at school. The first was a complete surprise so I was taken off guard a bit. The second was scheduled and I’m told there may be more. I guess the momentum picked up even more after I posted my Junior highlight reel. Having more of a presence on social media has allowed people to see me. I’ve received invitations to spring practices and showcases so I’m looking forward to getting out there.

CF: Do you have a preference or a college team you would like to play for?

DW: I don’t really have a preference at this point. I’m not sure what I want to study so there will be several factors taken into consideration when the time comes that I have real options. I’m hoping for some place warm.

CF: You are multi-sport athlete for the Comets, how do you handle the non-stop grind?

DW: It’s tough playing multiple sports sometimes but even though my body may get tired, I enjoy being out there playing ball with my teammates. Playing sports actually helps motivate my academic success since I have to stay eligible to play.

CF: Give us a couple of under the radar players we should be keeping an eye on?

DW: Football—Willard Smith & Jamaal (JJ) Millisock

Basketball—Aiden Mattern & Nate Ruiz

CF: One more, a fun fact about Dhamir Wesley that our audience may not know?

DW: I always looked up to my older cousin, Demetrius Dixon, who used to play football for Penn Manor. I even got to see him play at Lafayette. Watching him play sparked my interest but when I got on the field myself, that’s when I developed a true love for the game.

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