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Interview By Collin Richardson

Question 1: You’ve done very well in your junior year, what are some goals you have this year for yourself specially?

My goals as a senior this year are to have 2150 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and no less than a 70% completion percentage.

Question 2: After finally getting over the hump and beating Warwick last year, how stoked are you to play them this year? Are they a highlighted game on the schedule?

I am pretty excited to play Warwick again. It’s always a hard fought game on both sides.

Question 3: College Coaches see everything you do when they are recruiting, as you know by now. How do you balance school, football, wrestling, and track that you do in the spring? What goes into your work ethic?

Balancing everything I do isn’t an easy thing. There are sacrifices you have to give, like hanging out with friends. Football is my main sport so I try to practice or train once a month outside of football season. For the other sports I try to go to everything I possible can. Lifting and conditioning is a huge part of it. School is obviously the number one priority over all sports. Getting my homework done and studying is always first on my list. Then I try to go to as much extra activities as I can. I try to be the best athlete in every sport I play.

Question 4: You’ve seen leadership from some great players ahead of you in Ephrata’s organization. Is there anything you will be doing specifically to lead the team, and keep everybody focused?

4.As a leader on my team, I try to get my guys there at every single morning lift and conditioning. Lifting is a huge part in any sport because it helps prevent injuries. I also like to focus on a lot of team bonding. Our team is like a family.

Question 5: Do you have any colleges giving you looks? Have you toured any? Let us know about this time of your life and how that has been for you and your family.

I have been in touch with a couple schools. Over the spring I went to Syracuse’s spring practice and took a visit at Eastern. I’ve gotten multiple camp invites from schools including Temple, East Stroudsberg, Bloomsburg, Lehigh, Lafayette, Princeton, Syracuse, and Kutztown. I’ve been getting looked at by Bloomsburg, Millersville, Eastern, Gettysburg, and Ithaca.

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