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Interview By Carl Frederick

Carl Frederick: What all led to your commitment to Shippensburg?


Gabe Benjamin: For me the coaching staff and players led me to commit to Shippensburg. Everything about ship felt right for me, I knew it was the place I wanted to play and compete at to win.


CF: Your school is well represented. Were you all together when you were notified that you would be playing in the Tri-County All Star game?


GB: We were all told that we would be playing in the All Star game at the same time by Coach Eager. It’s an amazing opportunity to play with my friends and teammates one more time before college.


CF: With the merger of the LL/Berks league, is there any extra motivation your squad is taking to beat the Berks County representatives?


GB:We have extra motivation because we all love to compete to see who is better in the LL, but now we have a chance to play together against Berks. It’s the first time the LL plays Berks in an All Star game. We gotta win.


CF: When did you know that Hempfield was in for a special season, was there a certain game or moment?


GB: I knew we were in for a special season right after our scrimmage against Central Dauphin. We had almost all of our defense from last year return. We weren’t positive on how things on our offense from 7v7 would translate to an actual game, but as soon as we hit the field everything started to click for us. That’s when I knew we were in for a special season.



CF: Give us a fun fact about Gabe Benjamin that our audience might not know?


GB: I’ve played every position growing up except line and quarterback.

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