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Interview By Carl Frederick

Shymere Covington joined the Manheim Township Blue Streaks right before training camp. The McCaskey transfer gelled with his teammates quickly and earned his invitation to the Tri-County All Star Game. Staring as a defensive back, returner and running back, Covington helped the Blue Streaks advance to the District 3 finals. He talked about his transition, plans for after high school and the new rivalry that may be brewing between Lancaster and Berks:

Carl Frederick: How much did it mean to you, to be selected to the Tri-County All-star game?
Shymere Covington: Getting selected to play in the all-star game meant a whole lot to me, I’ve watched the Tri County for years and to be able to play in it feels like a dream come true.

CF: Do you have any extra motivation going against your counterparts from Berks?
SC: I feel like there is a little more motivation to play against the teams from berks, it would be new competition that I know very little about which is very exciting.

CF: What are you plans for after high school?
SC: I plan to attend a junior college to continue my academic and athletic career.

CF: Your Blue Streaks made a great run in the playoffs, tell us more about your late season push?
SC: The post season push really came from our coaching staff who never allowed us to take our foot off the gas, id even go as far as to say they upped the intensity during the postseason.

CF: Give us a fun fact about Shymere Covington that our audience may not know?
SC: A fun fact about me would have to be that the only reason I’m even here playing football right now is because of my uncles 

Covington and his Lancaster squad take on the Berks County representatives May 26 at Elden Rettew Stadium, come check out the Seniors one last hoorah!

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