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Interview By Collin Richardson

Collin Richardson: After beating Warwick last year, can you tell me the level of intensity the team has now that they defeated a dominant team like Warwick? Is the team more confident in themselves as a whole?


Quintin Pfautz: Beating Warwick was a huge accomplishment for our program. We worked hard for several off-seasons to finally flip the script and come out on top. It was a huge confidence booster for everyone and showed us that we can compete with anybody when we play as a team.


CR:  Can you talk about the relationship of you and Sam McCracken? You guys are both very talented football players, and I wanted to know what that relationship is like between you two as you go into your senior year.


QP: Sam and I have been best friends ever since we met in 5th grade. It's really fun to go out on Friday Nights and catch passes from a guy like Sam who I have been close with for years. We use that to our advantage and often know what is going through each other's heads on any given play. It's also beneficial to have friends out there with you who can calm you down when things aren't going the way you want them to. We are excited to show everyone what we are capable of this fall.


CR: How has the recruiting process been for you and your family? Touring colleges? Meeting coaches?


QP: The recruiting process picked up for me following my junior season. Despite breaking my arm and having to sit out half the year, I put up good enough numbers to earn all-section 1st team LB/TE. Many Ivy, NEC, CAA, and Patriot League schools have reached out and expressed interest. I have had extreme highs and lows in the recruiting process. I performed well enough at schools like Maryland and Temple for them to invite me to a gameday visit this fall, but also didn't get offers yet from schools I felt sure of going into camps. Sometimes I have to sit back and remind myself how fortunate I am just to be in this position. I’m excited to prove myself this fall.


CR: Do you have any memories from when you were younger about playing football where you either fell in love with the game, or felt confident in yourself after a win/nice play/etc.?


QP: I always loved football as a kid but wasn't allowed to play until 6th grade. My first year was extremely challenging, but I have progressed to love the game and become more and more confident each year. I think the moment I truly realized how much I love this game is when I was forced to sit out because of my broken arm. In that moment I would have done anything to get back on the field.


CR: As a senior now with a big leadership role, how will you lead the team when the games might not be going the best?


QP: It is an honor to be chosen by my teammates as one of our captains for this fall. I have led by example all summer and I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said when guys aren't doing what they should be. I love constantly encouraging my teammates when we're on the field, and we do a great job of rebounding after a bad play or series. We know that we have spectacular talent and have a special bond. That will carry us far this year.

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