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Interview By Stephin McCloskey

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Hunter on a few occasions this last football season, but catching up with him about his appointment to the Lancaster All Star team and his college selection was a momentous occasion. Hunter is off to Shippensburg in the fall and will be debuting for the all-star team on May 26th.



SM: What was your reaction to being named to one of  the LL Berks All Star Teams?


HH: It felt really awesome honestly. It is always great to see that coaches notice the work that you put in throughout the season and where they performed well enough where they nominate you for this game. I know a lot of guys playing in it as well from other teams who I have never stepped on the field with before with of course, so it is pretty neat to just go out there and put together the best team possible from the Lancaster area. There is a ton of talent of names on that list, which I am very excited for.


SM: What are you doing to prepare?


HH: Now that it’s finally nice out again just getting over to the field and catch some balls and run routes really. With going to college to play a sport you kind of never stop working out knowing that you are going to the next level but definitely is going to be weird to put a helmet on in may instead of waiting until July.


SM: What made you choose Shippensburg University when going through your college selection process?



HH: It just felt like it was right spot as soon as I went there and learned about the college. I could see myself there as I was walking around on campus and of course the football coaching staff and team was fantastic. I was just up there for the spring game, and it made me that much more excited


SM: What are you most looking forward to when you go off to college in the fall?


HH: New opportunities and experiences are always exciting to me. I’m most looking forward to football of course as I have already been playing it for 12 years of my life so I am grateful that I can continue playing for four more years.


Make sure to follow Hunter on Twitter @hunterhildy and follow 717 Sports for more all star game coverage!

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